ADA 3 Stall Trailer

ADA 3 Stall Trailer

Meeting the Needs of All Your Guests

Our ADA-compliant restroom trailers are a great choice for any wedding, party, concert, sporting event, corporate function, or emergency response location where someone may need extra room in order to be comfortable. It is ADA-compliant with a ramp that ensures all your guests have accommodations that fit their needs. Whether you’re looking for a wheelchair-accessible restroom trailer or just need extra space for easy maneuverability, we offer multiple ADA-compliant options.

Trailer Specifications

  • Upscale, modern interior with AM/FM/Bluetooth Stereo for wireless control of music, built-in speakers in each stall.
  • Ready to plug into standard outlets or 12-gauge extension
  • Heating and air conditioning control when connected to
  • Placement should be on solid level ground within 100 feet of electric and water source.
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floor plan of ADA 3 stall trailer

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