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Crane Lift Restroom Rentals in New Jersey

All construction sites need restroom solutions, but not all sites are alike. That’s why Zuidema Septic Services & Portable Toilets is proud to offer a variety of options, including crane lift restroom rentals. Our experienced team can deliver a portable toilet to your site, and we also provide high-quality septic service. If you work in the roofing or high-rise construction industries, you know how challenging employee restrooms can be. Find out how our crane lift restroom rentals can solve your problems, and get in touch with our team for an estimate.
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row of Zuidema portable toilets by woods

Our Portable Crane Lift Restrooms

Restroom breaks can be long for those working at high rise construction sites. It’s easy to boost your team’s productivity while making things easier for everyone. Our crane lift restroom rentals offer the following features and benefits:

  • Skid Support: Our crane lift restrooms are retrofitted with a plastic skid support and galvanized steel legs. Now your portable restroom can be lifted safely to hard to reach locations such as roofs.
  • Jobsite Ready: Crane lift toilets are ideal for worksites to provide workers with nearby restroom facilities. This increases productivity and worker morale.
  • Durable: Made from lightweight plastic material, these portable restrooms are durable enough to last on your job site.
two Zuidema portable toilets outside capitol building


  • Roomy interior
  • High rise kit included
  • Maximum ventilation
  • Outside occupancy indicator
  • Door mounted mirror and handle
  • Interior lock
  • Hand sanitizer dispensers in all units
  • Urinal
  • 2 roll toilet paper holder


  • Height: 92"
  • Width: 46″

Convenient Restroom Delivery & Service

Zuidema Septic Services & Portable Toilets specializes in all types of portable restrooms for construction sites. No two sites are exactly the same. That’s why we offer a wide variety of portable toilets and sinks for all types of sites and special events. We also offer high rise restroom rentals when space is extremely limited at your construction site. These units feature a low profile design and are easy to load in and out. They’re also worksite ready. If you aren’t sure which type of portable toilet you need, don’t worry. Our team would be happy to speak with you and offer you a quote for a rental or septic service.

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